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Patriots: Life and Liberty - Adam Rutledge

Patriots: Life and Liberty - Adam Rutledge
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Izdavač: Bantam Books New York
Šifra artikla: 74490
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Cena: 250.00 din.
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Patriots Volume IV: Life and Liberty
"Bantam Books" New York 1993.
broširano izdanje, dobro očuvana
na engleskom jeziku, 241 str.

Boston, 1776. In British-ruled Boston, a dangerous ring of false patriots threatens teh lives of true freedom fighters such as Daniel Reed, who has thrown in his lot with General George Washington's Continental Army but is soon divided from his cause and the woman he loves by murderous redcoats. It is a treacherous time as well for fiery rebel spy Roxanne Darragh, captured by the British, and for young, hotheaded Quincy Reed, ona perilous expedition through the untamed western frontier. Risking exposure and death threats, undercover patriot and daring double agent Elliot Markham will fight a deadly battle against a lawless legion of ruthless criminals who could extinguish the shining flame of independence forever...

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