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Jambeaux - Laurence Gonzales

Jambeaux - Laurence Gonzales
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Izdavač: Citadel Press
Šifra artikla: 89714
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Cena: 350.00 din.
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"The Best Rock & Roll Novel in Almost Twernty Years" - Greil Marcus Roling Stone
"Citadel Press" New York 1990.
broširano izdanje, dobro očuvana
na engleskom jeziku, 275 str.

Fiction about musicians is always dicey and rarely successful. But Gonzales' debut novel about the rise and dissolute fall of a Texas "Rock and Row-Wool" band named Jambeaux (a convincing fictional hybrid of the Allman Bros. and the Rolling Stones) does fairly well by dunking down inside the rock atmosphere and never bothering to come up for air. Page and Link, two Galveston musicians and Vietnam vets, have gotten sick of playing rattrap clubs (they even make a few ill-tempered remarks about the Mafia from the stage one night and thereafter find themselves in big trouble that only superstardom can shield them from) so they form a band, wanting to capture the "light assault rock and roll" sound that Page envisions. The band Butch on horns, catatonic Scoop on lead guitar, Blye on drums, Link on bass, and Page as lead-singer and writer takes off: a contract with top-flight Enigma Records; the rigors of a first recording session; the initial big tour, the hotel-room syndrome; the bad business with drugs (both Link and Blye are "on the point"); and finally Page's Elba-like retreat to his Michigan ranch, away from all the evil power and energy of the Big Time. Gonzales doesn't even try to dramatize much of this; instead he covers these pages with a kind of fuzzy electricity a bristling, exciting, journalistic verisimilitude that brings the daily life of big-time rock music into glaringly sharp focus. True, the verbal apings of the music's essence do screech now and then. And the Vietnam/Rock parallels bend under insistence. But the band's very sound seems to come across as pleasing and involving and full of spunk, so this intense, imperfect first novel deserves extra attention as one of the few to find words for the music. A loud, vivid debut.

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